Amp Builder’s Tool Set

Please keep in mind that guitar amplifiers can retain very high voltages, potentially lethal voltages, even when not turned on, and even when unplugged from the wall!! Make sure you know how to test for these voltages and discharge them before working inside the chassis of any amplifier.

Below is a list of basic tools needed to get started building or modifying guitar amplifiers. The precise make and model of each item reflects my personal preference and is only a suggestion. Overall, though, this basic list is a great place to start your journey into the world of DIY electronics!

There is a HUGE amount of information available for anyone interested in learning more, including books, videos, and online groups that welcome members of all skill and experience levels.

Soldering StationHakko FX951
Fume Extractor Hakko FA400-04
Solder StandHakko 611-1
Desoldering ToolSpring Loaded One-Hand type
SolderKester 60/40 Rosin 
Digital Multi MeterFluke 117
Wire CutterHakko CHP-170
Wire StripperKlein Katapult
Needle Nose PliersTekton Mini Smooth
WireStranded and Solid Core
Task LampLE Pro
Work Clampaka Extra Hands
Heat GunNot Too Powerful!!
Heat Shrink TubingAssorted sizes
Blank Turret BoardUnloaded Turret board or Eyelet Board
Parts AssortmentMouser Electronics